Happy New Year!

This time last year I was recovering from a total thyroidectomy and I learned when I went to New York to see my doctor that I was cancer free.  All the cancer was enclosed within the organ they removed.  Yay!

It was just the beginning of figuring out how to live with taking Synthroid every day, just like the rest of the millions of others throughout America.  I had no idea that the thyroid cancer was so prevalent, along with thyroid problems.

I've been slow and steady about feeling more energy and becoming clearer about my health.  It's been helpful to remove sugar, and gluten from my diet.  I'm basically paleo now.  Grateful, grateful grateful.

Here is to a new year of recovering from old ways of doing things that didn't serve me, and continuing to learn to do what does.

One of my first blog posts was about making a routine.  I still have yet to be consistent about that.  I have a new mantra, "A routine is just an organizational chart.  My child will always be in my heart."  It's for when I notice I'm not wanting to do what needs to be done.  I knew even THEN that I was tangling up my daughters loss with the routine.  I also didn't know how sick I was 2014.  When I was at my lowest of energy levels, I noticed that my mind would also go to my lowest point possible.   

Well here is to a new year of figuring it out.  I'm working on a new routine.  One that includes more things that light me up.   I'm answering the questions in this book by Michal Stawicki.  Thank you Michal for sharing your journey, and what you've been learning.  I'm writing this blog post today because I've been so motivated by the spirit in your book.  Grateful!

So here is to another year of being grateful to be here,
to learning all I can, and
to be more present,
to love more, talk less,
to be the best mom, wife, friend I can be,
to living out the next part of the journey in the most peaceful, positive manner.

Happy NEW Year everyone.  Wishing us all the best 2017 ever.   BUH-bye 2016, it's been a real learning experience. thank you.  :)


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