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Memories in Hawaii

During this last trip I learned to paddle board.  For me it was like riding a bike.  When I first learned to ride a bike, I fell down a lot.  It sucked.  I couldn't do it.  It was a day of frustration.  The same on the paddle board.  A lot of falling, and I had to stop when I was too tired to pull up onto the board anymore.

The second day, something inside my brain clicked and I was up within minutes.  Just like the bike.

I learned:
to look forward, not down,
the paddle is suppose to be in what looks like the backwards position,
I want to work out more when I get home,
I was glad I didn't pay for a lesson,
that when I was tired, I could sit down and paddle,
and I didn't care ever about what anyone thought.

There was one day, I paddled way too far.  I kept head up, watching the houses that were just down the beach from my condo.  Learned some new places to try and snorkel.  When I turned around to come back, I was way outside my imaginary boundary.

Coming back, I focused …

Ohana and Jump

Today I've decided to just jump back in.

Okay, just came back from Hawaii, the most beautiful place to me on the planet.  We were in Maui and hung out on the beach without a plan the entire time.  Beautiful.

I love Hawaii because Ohana (family) has tremendous deep spiritual meaning there.   They are simply there for each other, without fixing anything, (maybe they do).  Truth is I can see and feel how they love and support each other.  Again beautiful.

I noticed the native Hawaiians have these cool tribal tattoos.  I learned from the beautiful ladies taking care of the condo, they usually represent Ohana.  The tattoos are all about honor, love and respect for the Ohana in their lives.  After hearing this, seeing the tattoos opened my heart to all the ideas of what love is.

I know my Highest Power is in the connection to all my special relationships.  I'm grateful for all of them and everything they teach me.
I love snorkeling.