Working my way back

I know I haven't been writing lately.  It's been a choice really to decided to put the kids and others first all the time.  Sometimes instead of writing I read instead.  Even if it's a few minutes, I want to put writing into my routine.

We just returned home today from a trip to O'Hare airport.  We had a wonderful appointment with a Global Entry officer.  John took two kids and I took two kids, and John's appointment was much faster than mine.  I tend to chat it up whenever I meet someone new.

Turned out the officer was a kindred spirit.  I love typewriters, he loves fountain pens.  We talked about the old school way of communicating and how it seems to have become more of a lost art.  He told the kids nothing is better than getting a hand written note in the real mail, and they should consider doing it.

I notice how easy it is for me to be so patient with perfect strangers, and the complete opposite towards my children at times.  I'd like to work on that.

I've recently finished listening to, "There's More to Life than This" by Theresa Caputo.  It was a fun listen, and I especially enjoyed the authors commentary at the end.  I hope the author writes another book just about writing the book.  I'm sure everything that's happening around this amazing woman is for a reason, some of which is explained in the book, is for the highest good.  I know I've watched the, "Long Island Medium" show, and have had some comfort myself from it.


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