Notes from Audio book, "Divine Rebels: Saints, Mystics, Holy Change Agents - and You" by Caroline Myss, Andrew Harvey

I'm a listener, and this is the latest.  It's more of a lecture type format between the two authors.

Caroline's voice can come across as very cutting, yet I appreciate her honesty, and love the content.  The passion they both have for the saints was such an education in perspective.  It's a long one but I did enjoy.

I see the Virgin Mary in a whole new perspective after that book.  Andrew Harvey has concentrated on the study of the Virgin Mary for most of his career.  And his passion for the story of her life was really moving.  Good stuff.

Random notes I wrote to myself while listening:

-- The old rules for living that once helped us survive are just not valid anymore.  (I believe she means spiritually.)

--- I have a whole new perspective of what a "Dark night of the soul" means.  Gives me a new look at my times of depression and grief.

-- Now I want to read stuff that takes me out of my finite self into my infinite self. She said look for brutal honesty like Emily Dickenson, Rumi, etc.

-- I will live in readiness for the unknown.

-- Recognize that healing has many expressions, but to only look to the body for healing is limiting.

-- Every day each of us is healing something….attitude, memory, addiction, some part of us always heals and never stops.

-- Stay in prayer every day
    --for guidance
    --for others
    --for strength

Things to say in Prayer
-- I know with God all things are possible
-- Hover over me God.
-- The Grace of God Pours into me.  Let your Grace melt away everything that frightens me.  I might not  have enough faith today but grant me the faith I need to move forward. Hover over me God.  Hover.


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